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My is a podcast about everything related to Marilyn Monroe. Includes Marilyn in the news, collectibles, her music, music inspired by her, interviews, discussions about events in her life, etc. More than 45 years after her death we are still fascinated by this child-like woman whose image is more popular today than when she was alive. 

My name is Melinda Mason and I have been a fan/collector for over 18 years and I will try to answer any questions that you have.  I have been doing the podcast since April 2005!

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Episode 59 - October 17, 2010 MP3 


Episode 58 - January 3, 2010   MP3 
  • 45 minutes of Marilyn's voice extracted from the 1960 George Belmont interview


Episode 57 - October 4, 2009   MP3 

  • Comment from Adam
  • Comment from Morgan
  • This show focuses on the relationship between Milton Greene and Marilyn includes audio clips of Amy Greene and excerpts from the book, "But that's another story".
  • To purchase a copy signed by Joshua Greene for $37.50  CLICK THIS LINK

Here is the Person to Person interview Marilyn did from the home of Milton and Amy Greene.

Episode 56 - July 19, 2009   MP3 

  • My exciting news....
  • New Marilyn social networking website click on the below banner to become my friend - don't forget to also join the Podcast Group!
  • Review of "Hey Marilyn"  CLICK HERE TO READ MY BLOG
  • Results from Juliens Auction - Check out Scott's great blog post HERE
  • Thanks to Marco for the catalogue from Jersey Heritage LINK
  • 2009 Marilyn Memorial Service at Westwood - for info CLICK HERE
  • Comments from Emmy, Miguel, Kevin, Liz and Morgan
  • Winner of Marilyn Monroe sunglasses announced!

Episode 55 - May 3, 2009   MP3 

  • Juliens 2009 Summer Entertainment auction June 26 & 27
  • Hey Marilyn stage musical coming to Toronto 
  • Meagan Fox & Lindsay Lohan tattoos
  • Marilyn exhibit in Jersey - rare costumes!!
  • Comment from Lisa - Arrowhead Springs Resort
  • Comment from Lorraine - what is your favourite thing about Marilyn?
  • Contest announced to win your own Marilyn Monroe sunglasses from Optiq Frames
  • Interview with Susan Strasberg and John Strasberg from 1992
  • Marilyn's Pearls

Episode 54 - March 29, 2009   MP3 

  • Photographer Joseph Jasgur has died CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Marilyn's bench replaced at Westwood CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Comment from Lisa - Have you visited the Studio Club? CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Winner of replica Niagara dress announced!  Hey Dollface on Ebay also has Marilyn wigs!
  • New Franklin Mint doll based on Life Magazine cover - click on photo to order yours

Episode 53 - Feb 15, 2009   MP3 

  • Thank you to Henk
  • Sunny Thompson in Forever Blonde & Life as a Legend exhibit in Winnipeg  CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Warhol Factory 2009 exhibit in Kitchener, Ontario until April 19 CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Marilyn Monroe wanted to be buried in Pucci art exhibit in Philadelphia until Mar 14 CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Comment from Jim - passing of James Whitmore
  • Comment from Eliza - has anyone seen Norma Jeane & Marilyn?
  • Winner of Marilyn Monroe Treasures announced
  • Article about Marilyn and Joe's trip to Japan CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Win your very own replica Niagara dress!

Contest announced to win a copy of THE MARILYN MONROE TREASURES   MP3 

Get your answers to by Feb 14th!

Episode 52 - November 9, 2008   MP3 

  • Comment from Ben
  • Comment from Jim - Marilyn on Blackwell's worst dressed list
  • Comment from Lisa
  • Comment from ?
  • Photos and Michigan Trip Report
  • Interview with Sunny and Greg Thompson  Forever Blonde Tour Schedule
  • My Heart Belongs to Daddy by Sunny Thompson

Episode 51 - October 5, 2008   MP3 

NOTE:  The Buddy Map is currently not working.  I am trying to find an alternative provider for a similar map.

  • Comment from Tiina and Katri
  • Comment from Jim
  • Passing of Cyd Charisse - clips of her time on Something's Got to Give
  • Dearly Departed 
  • Get your very own Co-star autographs

Episode 50 - May 25, 2008   MP3   Jane Russell Episode

  • Buddy Map
  • Summer Film Festival to include Monroe film
  • Rare audio of Marilyn discussing Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • Jane Russell bio/interview from 1985
  • Excerpt from Russell's autobiography "My Path and My Detours"
  • Jane Russell interview from 1985
  • Jane Russell inteview from 1992
  • 2005 interview with Jane from Larry King
  • Jane Russell Song: "Ain't There Anyone Here For Love"
  • Marilyn and Jane video clip at or on youtube at  

Episode 49 - April 27, 2008   MP3  3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Episode 48 - March 30, 2008   MP3    


Episode 47 - February 3, 2008   MP3     Yves Montand Episode

  • Includes excerpts from his autobiography "You See, I Haven't Forgotten"
  • For the first time hear what happened with Marilyn from his perspective
  • Features rare interviews with Montand including on the Late Show with David Letterman
  • Surprise Book Giveaway - if you are on the Buddy Map listen for your name and win a copy of "Marilyn Monroe: Her Life in Pictures"
  • Song: Incurably Romantic - Yves Montand and Marilyn Monroe

Episode 46 - November 19, 2007   MP3  

  • Comment from Jim
  • Passing of Norman Mailer
  • Winner of Platinum Fox contest
  • Interview with Kevin McCarthy

Episode 45 - November 4, 2007   MP3

  • Passing of Larry Shaw
  • Frapper Map is gone
  • Comment from Jonathan
  • Playboy 2007 Reprint
  • Marilyn's estate sues relative of Inez Melson
  • Forever Blonde at Art Gallery of Nova Scotia - contest to win free passes to exhibit link
  • New video - Rare audio along with Tom Kelley photos at
  • Fans in her hands - send in your photo to
  • Fantastic new book Marilyn Monroe: Platinum Fox - WIN A COPY
  • Available now through Amazon Marilyn Monroe: Platinum Fox

Episode 44 - September 9, 2007   MP3  NOTE:  This is a 1 hour show

  • Feel free to skip this episode if you are not interested in hearing about my trip to LA  PHOTOS HERE
  • Michelle Morgan's new book at amazon
  • Marilyn Monroe eye glass frames and sunglasses will be released in December
  • Detailed report of my trip to Hollywood
  • Comment from Joey
  • Comment from Oliver
  • Comment from Anna Rose
  • If you are interested in your own Barris Sweater tell Ian you heard about it from the podcast and you will get 10% off the prices on his website at
  • Comment from Liana
  • Comment from Charlotte
  • Winner of Bert Stern Book contest