Welcome to the My Marilyn Archives!

Only the 10 most recent episodes of the podcast are available to download.  Older shows are archived and available on 2 CDs here.

Below you will find a listing of the show notes to all of the older episodes I have recorded complete with links, photos, etc.  

Episode #1, Release Date: April 8, 2005

  • New books to check out (Marilyn Handbook & Evening with Marilyn)

  • Prince Rainier of Monaco and his tie to MM?
  • Marilyn Event in ***** on April 28 
  • Marilyn Song: Kiss from the Niagara soundtrack
  • Kelly Clarkson compares Marilyn to Paris Hilton
  • Today in MM History Person to Person interview

Episode #2,  Release Date: April 23, 2005

  • Listener mail : Can you view the JFK dress in New York?
  • Marilyn Song: Every Baby Needs a Da-da-daddy
  • Robert Slatzer dead at 77
  • Julien's Auction of Marilyn Monroe's Estate Property
  • Discussion about the Christie's auction of 1999
  • Song about Marilyn:  Marilyn's Things by The Alice Project

Episode #3, Release Date: May 7, 2005 

  • Marilyn News:  According to psychic she is being re-born this year, Disney celebrates 50 years BUT Tinkerbell was not inspired by Marilyn
  • All about Marilyn and Frank Sinatra
  • Check out The Frank Truth podcast by subscribing to http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheFrankTruth 
  • Marilyn Song: A Fine Romance
  • Sound seeing tour from Auction on April 28

Episode #4, Release Date: May 19, 2005  

  • My Marilyn featured on Podshow
  • Marilyn and JFK
  • Marilyn Song: "Happy Birthday Mr. President"  click here for video clip
  • Not just a dumb blonde, Marilyn goes on strike and starts her own production company
  • Audio Clip: her return to hollywood when they gave in to her demands
  • Anna Nicole Smith portrays Marilyn in PETA ad (click here for photo)
  • Song: "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" by Anna Nicole Smith

Episode #5, Release Date: June 5, 2005 

  • June 1 was Marilyn's 79th Birthday
  • clip of Marilyn reciting a toast from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • Marilyn tribute on Celebrity Vinyl Heaven Podcast  (Show #24)
  • Hairdresser Mickey Song passed away
  • Telegram from Marlon Brando to Marilyn is found
  • Julien's auction of items from Marilyn estate took place June 4th
  • What did I bid on????
  • Marilyn Song: After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It
Episode #6, Release Date: June 19, 2005 
  • New! Marilyn Podcast Player on the website
  • Liz Hurley comments that Marilyn was fat
  • Discussion about Marilyn's weight and image of beauty today
  • Marilyn Song: "Some Like it Hot"
  • Making of Some Like it Hot
  • clip of Jack Lemmon
  • clip of Marilyn talking about Tony Curtis hitler comment
  • What do I think of Marilyn impersonators
  • Song about Marilyn: "Make Me Marilyn" by Laura Preble
Episode #7, Release Date: July 17, 2005 
  • My Marilyn in iTunes!
  • New domain name for the podcast
  • Thanks to Len for great logo!
  • Upcoming appearance on STAR TV
  • A young Marilyn fan named Elle Fanning 
  • Pre-order your copy of Marilyn's Man at Amazon now!

Episode #8, "The MM Memorial Episode"  Release Date: August 5, 2005  
  • Today is anniversary of Marilyn's passing
  • Marilyn Remembered organizes Memorial service at Westwood
  • Great club that has annual MM tour/activities www.immortalmarilyn.com
  • Clip from her last interview (email for info)
  • Details about the funeral including Joe DiMaggio's role 
  • Complete audio of Lee Strasberg's eulogy
  • Song about Marilyn: "Blues for Marilyn" by Hal Schafer visit www.summitrecords.com
Episode #9, Release Date: August 21, 2005 
  • Marilyn's first husband Jim Dougherty passed away
  • New Carlton Cards ornament "Niagara Falls for Marilyn" 
  • New Marilyn doll available from Franklin Mint!  Order by clicking on the image below...
  • BBC Radio interview with Marilyn fan, Martin Moran
  • 2 audio comments from feedback line

Episode #10, Release Date: Sept 5, 2005  

  • Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina - Donate to the RED CROSS
  • New Marilyn DVDs that I highly recommend

  • John Miner transcripts
  • My MM check purchased off Ebay - Johnny Hyde connection
Episode #11, Release Date: October 2, 2005   *THIS EPISODE HAS POOR AUDIO QUALITY
  • Connection between James Dean and Marilyn
  • Judy Garland and Marilyn
  • History of Marilyn's nude photos
  • Is her beauty mark real?
  • Advice on buying your own MM check (Photos and background of my check)
  • STAR TV visits my house!  
  • Song about Marilyn: "Marilyn" by Dan Bern
  • comment from the feedback line

Episode 12 - October 16, 2005   

  • Marilyn News: Elvis was turned down, Marilyn Merlot destroyed in fire
  • Listener mail: Was Marilyn pregnant during Some Like it Hot?
  • Contest to win Some Like Hot Video
  • Marilyn song: "Some Like it Hot"
  • Promo for The Frank Truth
  • Marilyn-themed iPod for sale 

Episode 13 - October 30, 2005   
  • New Video iPod
  • Rate "My Marilyn" at Yahoo Podcasts!
  • Send me your Halloween photos dressed up as Marilyn
  • Marilyn is #7 on Forbes list of top money-making deceased celebrities
  • Marilyn was presented to Queen Elizabeth II on Oct. 29, 1956
  • What is Marilyn's real name?
  • Winner of Some Like it Hot contest announced
  • Song about Marilyn: "A New Marilyn" by Vonda Shepard

Episode 14 - Novmeber 20, 2005   
  • My podcast 411 interview is now up www.podcast411.com (Episode #104)
  • New items at the My Marilyn store and the Podcasterart 2006 calendar!  Free shipping!
  • Looking for Marilyn clips for your Video iPod?
  • Marilyn Monroe: The Exhibit on the Queen Mary
  • Marilyn on the cover of December 2005 issue of Playboy - article concerns John Miner transcripts
  • Hugh Hefner interview discussing Marilyn and Playboy can be found here
  • Listener mail: Marilyn and Joan Crawford, Marilyn's hair

Episode 15 - December 15, 2005   
  • New Microphone
  • Mailing List
  • Add yourself to the frapper map
  • June DiMaggio's new book
  • Elton John Red Piano Television Special featuring Susan Griffiths
  • My Golden Dreams Calendar (warning this link does feature nudity)
  • Win a 2006 Golden Dreams calendar!!!!  Check them out at www.marilyncalendars.com (link contains nudity- NOTE: The winner will be able to choose the modest pose if they prefer)
  • Clip: Marilyn talking about calendar (provided by Ms.Monroe.net)
  • Song: Santa Baby by Karen Motherway (www.karenasmarilyn.com)

Episode 16 - January 6, 2006  

  • My Marilyn in top 100 of Yahoo's Highly Rated Podcasts Add your Rating!
  • STAR TV appearance airs Feb. 19, 2006
  • Got a cute MM Throw for xmas PHOTO
  • Canadian play from 1970's called Hey Marilyn starring Beverly D'Angelo
  • Song about Marilyn : Musical number from Hey Marilyn
  • Winner of 2006 Golden Dreams calendar announced - is it you?

Episode 17 - January 20, 2006  

  • New theme song by Geoff Smith!
  • Death of actress Shelley Winters includes audio clip
  • listener mail: Marilyn's recordings
  • 1947 Lux Radio Theatre clip featuring Marilyn
  • Marilyn Monroe CD/DVD Anthology availabe from Cherry Red Records
  • looking for Marilyn clips & songs

Episode 18 - February 5, 2006  

Episode 19 - February 19, 2006   

Episode 20 - March 12, 2006   

  • 1 year anniversary coming soon!
  • MM photo exhibit in Miami Beach at Bass Museum of Art
  • Marilyn's classic TV commercial for Royal Triton - click here for video clip
  • Marilyn and Advertising
  • News on previously unreleased Marilyn Song "Down Boy" cut from this scene

  • Marilyn Song: Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
  • Marilyn in Vegas

Episode 21 - March 26, 2006

Episode 22 - April 2, 2006 

  • DiMaggio Auction
  • Song about Marilyn: Life-size Marilyn Monroe by www.wildstrawberries.com
  • Enter contest by sending in a comment 206-600-MYMM

Anniversary Extravaganza Giveaway - April 17, 2006   

MY MARILYN PRIZE POOL - for Frapper/Comment winners

  • Comment from Amy (UK)
  • Video mentioned on Daily Source Code 
  • Comment from Jesus
  • Contest #1 - Win Christies Auction DVD and list
  • LA Times News Article here
  • Updated information on fraud at Queen Mary Exhibit Mark's Blog 
  • 48 hours special Watch preview here
  • Comment from Betsy
  • Comment from Brandy
  • My Marilyn Collectible CD now available!

  • Contest #2 - Win a My Marilyn CD and T-shirt
  • Comment from Amy (Calgary)
  • Comment from Brian The Frank Truth
  • Comment from Linda
  • Frapper Map Prize Giveaway
  • Comment from Geoff Smith (BTW, his song is called "Not on the Radio" - sorry Geoff)
  • Contest #3 - Win Antholgy CD and DVD package
  • Comment from PJ
  • Contest #4 - Win a Milton Greene Black Sitting 

  • Comment from Emily
  • Comment Prize Giveaway
  • Mystery Comment

Episode 24 - April 30, 2006  

  • How is Marilyn perceived around the world?
  • Comment from Jodie
  • Podcasts now on cellphones using Mobilcast if you use Rogers click here for info
  • Marilyn News with Danamo (Norma to Marilyn Fan Club)
  • CMG lawsuit 
  • Marilyn's Man Lawsuit
  • Charlize Theron to play Marilyn
  • Contest Winner #1 and #2 announced
  • Comment from Margaret
  • 48 hours rant - Jeanne Carman, Tony Curtis total BS
  • Audio from Ken Hunter and Dr. Engelberg not heard on 48 hours
  • Contest Winner #3 & #4 announced

Episode 25 - May 14, 2006   

Episode 26 - May 27, 2006   

  • Happy 80th Birthday Marilyn!
  • Marilyn News (with Danamo and Beth) www.norma2marilyn.com
  • SLIH bustier auction link
  • Warhol auction link
  • Jasgur court case link
  • Today show "lost" Marilyn footage
  • New Franklin Mint doll - click the photo

  • New book - "Marilyn in Art" by Roger Taylor - get yours now!  Click Here
  •  Previously unreleased Marilyn Song "Down Boy"
  • Check out Jack Allen's www.DreamCityPhoto.com for movie photos!
  • Contest to win Leading Ladies book
  • I'm off to Vegas!

Episode 27 - June 11, 2006

Episode 28 - June 25, 2006   

  • Martin and Lewis NBC Radio Show with special guest Marilyn Monroe - Feb. 25, 1953
  • Marilyn Monroe CD/DVD Anthology available from Cherry Red Records

Episode 29 - July 9, 2006  
  • Please Nominate My Marilyn for a Podcast Award by going here
    I would like everyone to nominate in the same categories so the numbers are as high as possible.  You can nominate it in 2 places using the form I linked to above :  Please select "Best Produced" and "Movies/Films". You will have to fill out the podcast name: "My Marilyn" and the Podcast url: http://mymarilyn.ca  You will also have to include your name and email address as well as a comment for why you like the show or think it should be nominated.  Some people will get a validation email and some won't - they are only sending them out to a percentage of the total voters.
  • Check out www.classicactresses.com
  • Christina's new album cover based on MM link
  • Warhol exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario link
  • MM: Still Life on PBS July 19, 2006 link
  • Comment from Claire
  • Check out some scans of the Joe DiMaggio tickets http://www.marilynmonroe.ca/camera/tickets/index.html
  • Stay away from the book: DiMaggio Setting the record straight
  • Marilyn Movie Review: Ladies of the Chorus
  • My appearance at Remfest  

Episode 30 - July 24, 2006  

Episode 31 - August 7, 2006  * Note this is a long show it runs around 42 minutes

  • Vote now at www.podcastawards.com until August 11
  • Subscribe to the video feed for a new video clip - bet you have never seen this one 
  • Speakers at the memorial service
  • Lee Strasberg's eulogy
  • Win a Milton Greene Calendar or buy your own here



Episode 32 - August 20, 2006    * Note this is another long show it runs around 40 minutes

  • My CBC Radio interview can be downloaded here
  • Get-together for Ontario fans at www.normajeanes.com   
  • Comment from Lexi
  • MM News: Sherrie Lee Laird, Lyndsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, MM lookalike contest 
  • Winner of Milton Greene calendar contest - purchase prints here 
  • Interview with Susan Griffiths www.susangriffiths.com
  • Added to video feed - Candle in the Wind by Elton John featuring Susan

Episode 33 - September 4, 2006  

The restaurants website is really cool http://www.joedimaggiosrestaurant.com/

Episode 34 - September 17, 2006  

  • Nominated at www.podcastpeers.org
  • Gorgeous website by April at www.miss-vintage.com
  • Marilyn Movie festival in Edmonton, Alberta link
  • Joe Jasgur court case update link
  • Film review: Love Nest
  • Movie Trailer added to video feed
  • Marilyn Song: She Acts Like a Woman Should

Episode 35 - October 9, 2006 

  • Marilyn did not sleep with Elvis link
  • Dolores Hope Masi going commerical link
  • Tony Curtis making money off Marilyn link
  • New fan club founded in Finland www.magicalmarilyn.com if you want to join email magicalmarilynfanclub@yahoo.com
  • Song about Marilyn: An Actress by Elena Mady
  • Down Boy video added to video feed
  • My Marilyn winner at Podcast Peer Awards

Episode 36 - November 12, 2006  

  • Movie Review: Don't Bother to Knock

Episode 37 - December 15, 2006 

  • I do have a myspace page at http://myspace.com/marilynpodcast
  • Travilla Gentlemen Prefer Blondes sketch sold for $20,000  PHOTO
  • Misfits make-up and hair test footage sold for $10,000 PHOTO
  • Marilyn's Brentwood gates did not sell PHOTO
  • Previously unseen Marilyn Photos are not really unpublished ARTICLE
  • New Carlton Cards ornament available LINK
  • Ed's GORGEOUS "A New Wrinkle" Calendar

  • Audio comment from Dave
  • TV Guide and Marilyn's appearances on television
  • Win a Black Sitting Print from the Milton Greene Archives 
  • Post on this FORUM to support the creation of a Black Sitting Book - I would appreciate if you mention that you heard about it on my podcast

Episode 38 - January 22, 2007

  • Bye Bye Baby from the Jack Benny Episode

Episode 39 - February 18, 2007  The Who Was Marilyn's True Love Episode

  • Check out the schedule of events for August link
  • Clip of Jim Dougherty
  • Comment from Laura
  • Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio - did he abuse her?
  • Comment from Bridgette
  • Clip of divorce announcement
  • Comment from Amy
  • Marilyn and Arthur
  • Comment from Ron
  • Contest winner announced
  • Anna Nicole Smith wallpaper
  • Anna in Marilyn's Brentwood home  PIC 1   PIC 2
  • My Heart Belongs to Daddy by Anna Nicole Smith

Episode 40 - March 31, 2007 

  • Trip to Brock Plaza Hotel, Niagara Falls 
  • Menu from breakfast at Rainbow Room (click to enlarge)

  • The Grapevine Cottage, Collingwood, ON - Email April at AprilandJoy@aol.com if you are interested in her MM items.  Tell her you heard about it on the My Marilyn Podcast.  Here is a photo of the room dividers.  Lots of other photos available!

  • Anna Nicole Updates in the news including chloral hydrate and her Marilyn tattoo link
  • "Newly" released FBI documents doubted by Anthony Summers link
  • Comment from Eliza
  • Listener Question : How did you become a Marilyn fan?  What is your first Marilyn memory and first item you ever bought?  Call 206-222-1926 with your answer by April 20 and you will be entered in a draw to win a copy of John Gilmore's new book about Marilyn.
  • My first introduction to Marilyn came from Madonna.  You can download "Material Girl" in mp4 format here
  • Comment from Deidre
  • Looking for this Golden Dreams calendar link
  • New Podcast CD will be coming soon.

Episode 41 - April 29, 2007   MP3 

  • 2 year anniversary of the show
  • Comment from Jim
  • Get together June 2 in Mississauga link
  • Comment from April
  • Trip to LA finalized - Forever Blonde performance on August 5 - schedule of events
  • Comment from Michael
  • New Franklin Mint Doll available by clicking on the photo below


  • Comment from Nancy
  • My first book was Marilyn by Gloria Steinem and George Barris
  • Barris Beach Session Music video download at www.imarilyn.com
  • Comment from Ron
  • Get John Gilmore's new book "Inside Marilyn Monroe" 

  • Contest winner announced
  • Interview coming next episode!

Episode 42 - May 21, 2007  

  • 45 years ago on May 19th Marilyn sang to JFK watch video at www.imarilyn.com
  • 5 people attending lunch on June 2 in Mississauga link
  • Comment from Joey
  • August events put on by Immortal Marilyn
  • Join Magical Marilyn Fan Club!  Highly recommended!
  • Photographers win Legal Battle over Marilyn's image link
  • Brittney Spears considering duet with Marilyn on Down Boy
  • Marilyn Monroe in Spain by Frederic Cabanas ORDER INFORMATION AVAILABLE HERE
  • David's signed copy of Marilyn: A Hollywood Farewell - IN LOVING MEMORY OF DAVID

Episode 43 - July 24, 2007 

  • Leaving for LA in 6 days
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is playing at Mann's Chinese Theatre INFO
  • Marilyn Movie Festival in Montreal at www.cinemaduparc.com
  • Exclusive audio and video during August at www.marilynmonroe.de
  • Comment from Chris
  • Ontario get together
  • Contest to win a copy of The Last Sitting by Bert Stern
  • VIP Lounge Event in Hollywood