Marilyn in Words, Pictures, and Music


This is a GREAT book.  First of all, I was expecting a much smaller book when I heard it came with a CD of her music.  Instead it is quite large and there were several rarer photos which I liked.  The whole layout is very pleasing to the eye.

It is a different kind of Marilyn book.  It is also a book about Hollywood so it might appeal to a larger group.  The authors talk about Hollywood in general and the stars that were famous during various times in Marilyn's life. Of course, it isn't perfect and there are some rather glaring text mistakes.  However, I think the concept behind the book and the great photos make up for that.  It does come with a CD of 20 Marilyn songs.

I expected the book to focus more on her music because of this but it didn't.  It is a unique book that I would recommend even though it features one of the most overused Marilyn photos on the cover.

The author had contacted me last year for permission to use a photo of my Marilyn calendars he saw on my website.  They appear on page 107 as a FULL PAGE!!!!

I was very excited to see this.  I was also thrilled to see that MarilynMonroe.ca was listed in the resources section as one of the best websites :)

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Author Richard Havers & Richard Evans
Publisher Compendium Publishing Ltd
Cover Type Hardcover
Dimensions 6.6 x 9.5 inches
Publish Date 2010
ISBN 978-1-84912-026-5
Signed No
Number of Pages 192


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