To Norma Jeane with Love, Jimmie

Jimmy Dougherty recalls his time with Marilyn, back when she was Norma Jeane. They were married for 4 years although with Jimmy in the merchant marines they didn't see each other for much of the marriage. It is refreshing to get a first hand account of what life with young Norma Jeane was really like. Jimmy puts to rest some of the rumors that Marilyn herself perpetuated (being raped, etc). This book is written with love and is very touching in his respect for her.

It is almost like Jimmy is right there recounting his memories for you. Of course, being into his 80's it is no surprise that the book is a little repetitious. But overall I think it is a great read and certainly unique in its content.

The book is mostly text with 20 b/w photos. Most photos by Joe Jasgur and have been published. It would have been nice if Jimmy still had more of his own photos of Norma Jeane. There are only a hand-full in this book and I have seen them before.

Author Jim Dougherty
Publisher Beachhouse Books
Cover Type Softcover
Dimensions 5 x 8 inches
Publish Date 2001
ISBN 1-888725-51-6
Signed by Jim Dougherty - personalized inscription
Number of Pages 196

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