Marilyn in Art

If you are looking for a truly unique Marilyn book...this is it! This book is filled with artist's interpretations of Marilyn. Some of them are truly stunning. They are accompanied by quotes about Marilyn. I honestly love this book and have looked through it over and over through the years. In fact, I have it to thank for the Marilyn tattoo I have. The drawing I chose came from this book.

It is nice to have something original to look at instead of the same photos that are published in all the books. This book has become something of a collector's item so if you come across a copy I would pick it up I am sure you will enjoy it.

Author Roger G. Taylor
Publisher Elm Tree Books
Cover Type Hardcover
Dimensions 9.5 x 9.5 inches
Publish Date 1984
ISBN 0-241-11326-1
Signed No
Number of Pages 160

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