I was very excited to attend this event because there is never ANY Marilyn events here in Canada.  This was held at the Brock Plaza hotel.  It was touted as: "At this exclusive auction event you will be able to view and / or bid on 12 of Marilyn's personal possessions ( each item with certificate of authenticity ) , hundreds of vintage items including Marilyn Monroe books ( some first editions ), post cards , movie promotions , magazines , pins and more items relating to her amazing film career ! Some of the personally owned items will include rhinestone jewelry , sunglasses , a crystal brooch , white satin gloves & much more !"

All of the "personal" items came from the Elaine Barrymore collection.  Which I personally do not consider an authentic source.  Of the "hundreds" of items available I would say 90% was books.  And not terribly rare books by any means.  It was terribly disappointing.  I drove 2 hours each way to be there and if I had wanted to purchase books I could have gone to a used book store.  Anyway, I did get to meet Lena Pepitone and have her sign my copy of her book (even though the book is complete garbage).  I seemed to be the only person who even knew who she was.  I also got to see the room where Marilyn stayed while filming Niagara.  But I didn't even bid on anything.

Lena Peptione (Marilyn's seamtress/maid during her New York period - Lena wrote a book called Marilyn Monroe confidential).


Elaine Chez was the name of this impersonator.

There were items spread out over 10 tables but the vast majority were books (and many copies of each book)

There were a couple of plates and a MM doll.  Again, nothing rare you can get this doll on Ebay for a fraction of the price someone paid for it during the auction.

Marilyn stayed in Room 801 in the Brock.

It is actually kind of sad that the hotel didn't do something special for "Marilyn's Room".  If you were staying here you would never know Marilyn had been there.

The turn out for the event was very poor.  But I don't blame anyone for not coming...you didn't miss anything.  I think the people that did come would have been more impressed with my collection than the one presented here :)

This is just a shot of the Falls as we walked back to the car from the Brock.