This gorgeous art print by Trout based on the famous Bert Stern photos hangs on the wall before you enter the Marilyn room.

Here is my library of Marilyn books - current count is over 100. Also shown is one of my doll cases.

As you look to the left you'll see my Earl Moran and Golden Dreams, New Wrinkle Calendars. Next is my Joe DiMaggio airline tickets and co-star autographs.

As you continue around the room clockwise you see where I have my George Barris print, Kim Goodwin doll and Playboy.

My Marilyn hat is but off in this shot but is next to my second doll case. My signed Avedons are on this wall.

I have my plates displayed above my closet door. You can also see the signed check. I took the doors off the closet and it turned into a great display area.

I am thrilled with my neon sign that came from a Mac cosemtics display. All of the boxed dolls are displayed in the closest.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!