Life Magazine
November 29, 1954


After finishing her latest film. The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe was invited in the first formal supper ever given in her honor. Miss Monroe borrowed a red chiffon gown from her studio because she has never had an evening dress of her own, and got to the party at Romanoffs nearly an hour late because halfway there her car ran out of gas. But her hosts, Billy Wilder, Marilyn's director, and Charles Feldman, Marilyn's producer, did not mind. They had invited a select 80 of Hollywood's notables, who, on arriving, put their signatures on a large souvenir portrait of Marilyn, then went on to dine and dance by candlelight.

 After dinner Marilyn joined Mrs. Wilder, who once sang professionally, in a duet of Do It Again. Then she danced and talked with her boss Darryl Zanuck and a half-dozen familiar names powerful at movie box offices. "I feel like Cinderella," Marilyn said. The soft music played until I a.m. when Cinderella Monroe drove home with a columnist and her agent.

A SURPRISE was the appearance of dark Gable who met Marilyn here for first time. He liked her. Columnist Sidney Skoisky gets nose kissed DANCE TRIO includes an unshaven Bogart, who has stubble for movie role. Marilyn. Clifton Webb. CO-STAR Tom Ewell. Marilyns leading man in Seven Tear Itch, finally get* his chance to dance.


-Transcribed by Angelina from Russia *from her collection