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I have been collecting Marilyn Monroe memorabilia for over 15 years now.  I remember the very first book I ever owned was a paperback of Marilyn Monroe by Steinem/Barris that I got for 25 cents.  I was immediately drawn to the photos of Marilyn and her life story.  When I was a teenager I started collecting Marilyn books and collector plates.  

I discovered Ebay when I started University in 1996.  I remember being the most excited about the Marilyn Monroe dolls that were available.  So I started collecting them starting with the DSI and Tristar dolls.  I moved to Maryland from Canada in 1999 for one year.  It was there that I got to see Franklin Mint Marilyn dolls in person for the first time and started to collect them as well.  You can see my doll collection HERE

Over the years I have amassed a collection I am very proud of.  Of course, my tastes have changed as I've matured.  The past five years have really shown a change in my collecting habits.  I'm now at the point where I would rather spend money on items that are truly rare and special instead of mass-produced commercial trinkets. 

 On the following pages you will find some other highlights of my collection. Click on the links below to see photos and descriptions. 

NOTE: Most of the photos on the following pages are large and high quality so it may take some time for your browser to load them.

Playboy Number One
Joe DiMaggio Korea Plane Tickets

Marilyn Monroe Signed Check

Kim Goodwin Pucci Marilyn Monroe Doll
Marilyn Monroe Books
My Marilyn Monroe Shrine